Sunday, November 25, 2007


Halloween Bunco Party!


I recently got engaged on November 2nd to the

most amazing fun guy ive ever met! His name

is Stephen Vaccaro and we are getting married

here in Moab April 5th 2008 @ the Aarchway


Kim & Chad

Kim & Chad came down from Orem the day of the party! they went as scary Dracula people. Having them ther made it so fun!

Silly faces

Jenny and I @ Ambers house as Daffy duck and the lovely ugly Hamster!

Halloween 2007

Halloween started a little early this year for us! We had a bunko party @ Amber's house a week before causing us to have to dress up. I went as a hamster, which was my highschool drillteam outfit! The night was full of fun, and everyone participated in dressing up making it even more fun!
I then went to a costume party with Stephen a week later on the Saturday before Halloween. We went as the little old bingo couple! It was histarical and everyone loved our costumes!